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The Blonde on the Train Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bangkok

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I Felt so Sorry for The Blonde on the Train

The train from Butterworth to Bangkok

The train trip from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok is 2 nights on a sleeper train.
poor blonde on the train

One evening two passengers got on the train at the border. One was a middle aged Italian man the other his blonde girlfriend.
He was a normal looking person and she a tall, beautiful blonde with long flowing hair.

They sat in the next compartment and he started yelling at her in a loud voice you are stupid, why do you do this, you make a fool of me, we could have been arrested at the border€ and he went on and on. The blonde said nothing.

Sometime later the Italian walked away through the train and disappeared into another carriage.

Other passengers, many of whom spoke different languages made eye contact with each other and all showed their disapproval at the angry Italian.
The guard came and allocated which bunk each passenger had booked.
The blonde still said nothing she just sat there looking annoyed.
About an hour later the Italian returned he asked his girlfriend where do I sleep?

His girlfriend replied while pointing to the top bunk you sleep there.

Everyone in the carriage nearly fainted.
She was a man.

by Len Hend

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